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As the cornerstone of SME’s growth strategies, exhibitions allow companies to get close to their customers and show the organisation’s best face. It’s important that all the event signage is of high quality and represents the brand positioning. From small to large budgets, we’ll allow you to compete effectively in your chosen environment.

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Horizon Digital Print will design and build and exhibit that is attractive and functional. We customise your exhibition build so that it represents your identity and vision as a company.

Our displays will give you a competitive edge at a show or exhibition and provide a neat and attractive background for your rep. Providing a custom-built display that will stand out and announce your presence.

Our exhibition builds are easy to install and remove and they are robust, so that you can use them repeatedly. They are everything you need: a complete exhibition solution.

Contact our sales team to discuss your requirements by emailing or calling us on +353 (0)1 868 1257.
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