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OPOC is a purpose built online management system used by mainly office based project managers which helps to plan, control and manage projects across multiple sites and disciplines in real time.

Using OPOC’s online control centre, project managers can set up complex projects and involve multiple contributors, including Merchandisers and Store Managers when implementing a marketing campaign.

All field agents use the OPOC app to communicate and feed real time information back to the Project Manager, giving greater visibility of progress and allowing quicker decision making when faced with questions on site.

The system allows for uploading of pictures, videos, text direct from various sites to Head Office in real time.

How it works:

We can carry out store surveys to build a POS hardware database.
We then share this database with Brand Managers when planning marketing campaigns, so that any bespoke hardware can be accounted for in the POS plan, increasing compliance across network.
We can also create bespoke requests for information (RFIs) across the store network, i.e. ‘Could you install all the POS and if not why?’. This can be used to itemise each piece of POS that requires installation.
We can obtain real-time progress updates from Field Agents, via their app access.
We can monitor overall progress across multiple locations at the same time.
It will f​lag Issues & create automatic notifications to all stakeholders.
It will also report and analyse data upon project completion.
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