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Heineken Interactive Kick Game

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Producing ‘interactive’ campaigns has gained a lot of industry interest over the last couple of years. It’s easy to see why when studies such as Exterion Media’s Interactive Europe 2013 on over 5000 respondents found that:

“Offering customers the chance to interact with the brand resulted in an average increase of 45% in terms of ‘having a better opinion of the brand”.

Working day to day with leading brands and marketers we noticed the conversation leaning in this direction and exclusively licensed industry leading augmented reality, motion controlled technology. With our clients we’ve come up with some truly amazing ways of engaging their audience.
We want to show you behind the scenes of how one is developed, and the great returns brands can expect.
Heineken Cup Pub Activations
We’ve worked closely with Heineken for many years so it was natural when we had this new brand new technology that we would approach them to see if it could be integrated into their upcoming campaigns. Happily they were very intrigued and in their own words:

“We are constantly looking for unique and innovative ways to engage Heineken Cup fans” Heineken Sponsorship Brand Manager – Karl Donnelly

We asked Heineken some specific questions on how the interactive Kick Game did for them in 2013 and the results were really strong!

Total number of engagements: 2,900 (900 direct (players) engagements; 2000 indirect (spectators) engagements)

The perception of Heineken in the participating outlets has increased by both barstaff and by consumers. It cements the association with Heineken and Heineken Cup sponsorship, as well as confirming Heineken’s premium positioning in the market.

Accounts which took part saw double digit growth in sales (in an on trade market in decline by -2.6%)
Campaigns go Interactive
So lets show you some of the steps involved in producing the largest interactive promotion ever in Ireland

First off our structural designer Kevin worked his magic in amalgamating great design with technical necessities and these are the artwork keylines that resulted – if you’re like me you would be forgiven for thinking he was building a house or railway line but no that’s how much thought goes into a good 3D design

Next we went on to visualise the matt and how the cameras would need to be exactly positioned to work perfectly, and Heineken sent in their artwork which we made print ready

Once the game was created it was time to work with Heineken to roll the game it out both nationally and in Northern Ireland to coincide perfectly with the run up to the Heineken Cup Final.

In various pubs a virtual Heineken stadium, featuring a large TV Screen, synthetic pitch and crowd backdrop, was set up. Customers took 3 place kicks of an ‘invisible’ ball from different locations within the virtual field of play.

Celebrities such as Brent Pope, Shane Byrne, and Glenda Gilson were all there to try it out at the launch in Shanahans
Heineken’s Karl Donnelly commented:

“Working closely with Horizon we have created an interactive experience that brings to life our ‘Get in the Game’ campaign. We have developed a multifaceted approach where fans can Get in the Game on their mobile, their computer or in pubs with the aim of scoring points and winning great prizes.

6 units were used in the lead up and at the final of the Heineken Cup tournament. Have a look at the photos of the wonderful interaction this campaign got

As always please contact us if you’d like us to do this for you!
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