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We Print Wood Effects on MDF

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MDF will make your print look made of top quality material

When we’re looking for something that shouts different and modern we often think it’s going to be more difficult and expensive than it actual is. Silk shirts are amazing, but good quality shirts that look like silk are almost as good right? Well it’s the same with other materials and printing as well.

Wood is a perfect example of this. Mahogany is an amazing wood and we’d all love to be able to use it in advertising right? Well what if we use a cheap alternative like MDF and print it so that it looks like Mahogany? Job done for nothing like the price.

Take a look at some of our latest adventures into the world of wood prints. It just looks so classy and retro modern. Love it!
Wood like materials to print on
Guinness FSDU
MDF 6mm Jimador Crate
Lets find out how to print a high quality wood like finish on MDF an affordable material.
What’s to love about it?

Easy to print on in a cost effective manner.
We can print whatever effect you’re looking for. We can even print it to look like expensive hardwood.
We can print chalkboard onto it to make it even more exceptional.
It’s more rigid and stronger than Foamex and therefore has a longer lifespan.
It typically comes in 3/6/9/18mm thickness so there’s lots of choice.
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